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NRK Introduces SA Robot Calibration

NRK Introduces SA Robot Calibration Appliance


April 29, 2014--WILLIAMSBURG, VA: New River Kinematics (NRK), the producer of the premier portable metrology software SpatialAnalyzer® (SA), announced today the release of a new product, the SpatialAnalyzer Robot Calibration Appliance.  


The Calibration Appliance is a production line solution that not only calibrates robots but also implements the calibration for every move the robot makes.  This product addresses a key need in the manufacturing industry—the need for calibrated, highly accurate robots.  In order for a robot to meet the high tolerances required, for example, in aerospace manufacturing, it must first be calibrated to meet the tolerances required by those manufacturers.  Going beyond the robot’s internal kinematics, the Calibration Appliance offers users a streamlined solution that replaces the robot’s kinematic model, resulting in a more accurate robot.  Robots have always been repeatable; the Calibration Appliance makes them more accurate.


The Calibration Appliance allows users to implement calibration within their native robot control language programs, so it is designed for users who are already familiar with programming their robot.  SpatialAnalyzer connects directly with the Calibration Appliance, but does not control the robot motion.  Instead, SpatialAnalyzer allows any SA-compatible instrument to be used in the calibration.  From the robot’s native programming language, users can trigger SA metrology measurements at a variety of robot poses, run a calibration on that data, and then use the calibrated model within their existing program.  By calibrating production robots, manufacturers not only gain improved accuracy, but they also increase flexibility and efficiency when design changes are implemented since calibration drastically reduces the amount of manual teaching required.


NRK Vice President of International Sales, Rick Cole commented about the introduction of the Calibration Appliance.  “The Calibration Appliance now offers companies using production robots the ability to perform calibrations themselves using mainstream metrology equipment.  This is a streamlined alternative to using proprietary equipment or services at substantially higher costs.”


Available May 1, 2014, the SA Calibration Appliance will initially be available through the NRK direct sales channel only.  The Calibration Appliance currently supports Kuka, ABB, and Fanuc controllers, and ongoing development is underway to support other robot controllers.


For more information contact:  Jessica Ruff, Marketing Communications Director at 757-565-1500 or  For product inquiries, contact Rick Cole, VP of International Sales at 757-565-1500 or


New River Kinematics, a Williamsburg, Virginia based company is a leading provider of portable metrology software to companies around the world.  Its flagship product, SpatialAnalyzer®, specializes in spatial transformations, data fitting, geometry construction, analysis, reporting, robot calibration, and 3D CAD data exchange for manufacturers worldwide.